Explore, Design, Plan and Build!

Design and build means we can take your project from the design phase through to construction. Our design and build process simplifies the construction process by providing a single point of contact and seamlessly integrating initial exploration, architectural design, project planning and construction.

We begin with an in-depth exploration into your project ideas and goals. At this point we provide a proposal outlining the project scope, timelines and estimated costs.

After our initial exploration, our design team works with you to bring your project to life through the use of sketches, 3D models and construction drawings as well as identifying the appropriate construction materials and finishes.

The planning phase involves finalizing and reviewing project plans, negotiating permits and logistics planning.

The build phase is guided by Manco construction values which include transparency and an honest bidding process, finishing projects on time and prioritizing customer satisfaction.

For more information regarding our architectural design services, please visit our Manco Architectural Design website.


Architectural Designer!

Benjamin is a collaborative and proactive professional recognized for his work in digital conceptualization and creative residential design of additions, renovations and new homes.

As an Architectural Designer, Benjamin has been involved in and implements a full range of architectural services including the following: Preliminary design, feasibility studies, environmental & sustainability studies, 3D modelling, interior and exterior building design, construction drawings, engineering and consultation coordination’s, permit negotiations, project management and contract administration.

With Benjamin’s diversity of creative and technical experiences he is well prepared and focused on delivering services for your next project!


Our Designs!

1. It is so important for you to have the ability to visualize the design and development of your project in three dimensions. Measurements will be taken of your existing home and/or property to create a  3D Model.

2. Sketches and concepts completed in 3D to come up with the most efficient and attractive visually appealing designs is the best way to explore options of form and space.



3. Selection of design concepts for further development and exploration.

4. Selection of colours, textures & materials.  Join us and explore all your options with the ability to see them graphically.


5. Photo realistic rendering to truly let us explore and confirm all design decisions before proceeding to technical drawings.